Monat: September 2013

Ubuntu – Change default settings

rcS After the installation of an Ubuntu system you should change the settings in /etc/defaut/rcS . Change the clock settings, if you are using UTC for the hardware clock, enable verbose logging during the boot process and enable the automatic check for fileystems if an error occures.

grub You should also change the settings […]

Updated: 18/09/2013 — 14:28

Linux Switching – Interconnecting Namespaces

Switching in software on Linux is one of the important parts when using virtualization technologies like KVM or LXC. Typical hosts do not provide one or more physical adapters for each NIC of a virtual machine in KVM or per container when using LXC. Something else must take the part to interconnect the virtual network […]

Updated: 18/05/2014 — 10:56

Linux Network Namespaces

Introduction In the professional networking world it is quite common to use Virtual Routing and Forwarding VRFs for a long time. Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper and others are supporting this technology. In the L2 switching world, the concept of VLANs has been used since the 90’s of the last century. One physical switch supports more than one broadcast domain. Most […]

Updated: 19/04/2014 — 09:28