Boot integration of the Openvswitch in Ubuntu

The installation of the Openvswitch on Ubuntu brings an automatic integration into the boot sequence. When Ubuntu is booted, the Openvswitch is also started. Any bridge or port, which has been defined in previous sessions, is restored. BUT: No L3 interfaces are set up, junk interfaces, which have been defined in previous sessions, are restored. […]

Updated: 03/05/2020 — 18:44

OpenStack Liberty Neutron Deployment (Part 6 start a VM in the tenant defined network)

Now it is time to start a VM. Up to now, no DHCP server is running for the tenant’s network n1.

After starting the VM, the set up looks like: The following components have been configured: On the network node: neutron starts a DHCP server on the network node to provide a DHCP service […]

Updated: 17/01/2016 — 13:57