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SSD Wear Leveling Count

I have access to a few non enterprise SSDs running in PCs. The systems are running Linux with different workloads. Most of the SSDs are reporting smart values from the disks, e.g. Wear Leveling Count (WLC) and LBAs written. Taking these two values, it is possible to extrapolate the SSD endurance. The assumption here is, […]

Updated: 17/01/2021 — 13:17

Sound generator using Gnuradio

Gnuradio is a powerful tool to process all sorts of signals using wave functions. This covers AM, FM, all sorts of modulation and much more. A simple starting point to play with Gnuradio is audio. It’s easy to built a tool to generate an audio tone, vary the frequency using a slider and output this […]

Updated: 17/01/2021 — 13:18