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Monat: Oktober 2013

Opendaylight simple Version and Openvswitch

Openvswitch configuration After starting the Opendaylight controller we need a Openflow network device. Linux has one – the Openvswitch. So we use the Openvswitch.

After these to commands, executed as root, the controller has detected a new device. Tab device –> Node Name. Insert here the node name of the created Openvswitch bridge=switch. We […]

Updated: 24/10/2014 — 20:39

Opendaylight Hydrogen installation on Ubuntu

Opendaylight Controller — Simple Version Opendaylight is an Openflow Controller originally forked from David Erickson’s Beacon controller. Many network component vendors are now contributing to this controller. Opendaylight Installation To install Opendaylight (version Hydrogen) on Ubuntu (and other Linux flavors) you need to get the source from . You need marven to built the controller, and Java to […]

Updated: 24/10/2014 — 19:44
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