Monat: Januar 2016

OpenStack Liberty Neutron Deployment (Part 6 start a VM in the tenant defined network)

Now it is time to start a VM. Up to now, no DHCP server is running for the tenant’s network n1.

After starting the VM, the set up looks like: The following components have been configured: On the network node: neutron starts a DHCP server on the network node to provide a DHCP service […]

Updated: 17/01/2016 — 13:57

OpenStack Liberty Neutron Deployment (Part 5 Add Router and Net/Subnet)

Create a router and set a gateway Now it’s time to create a router and set a gateway.

What was configured on the nodes by Openstack? A node local vlan has been set up by Openstack on br-int. This vlan 1 has to be connected to vlan 100 on our public network. This is […]

Updated: 17/01/2016 — 13:48