Opendaylight Hydrogen installation on Ubuntu

Opendaylight Controller — Simple Version Opendaylight is an Openflow Controller originally forked from David Erickson’s Beacon controller. Many network component vendors are now contributing to this controller. Opendaylight Installation To install Opendaylight (version Hydrogen) on Ubuntu (and other Linux flavors) you need to get the source from . You need marven to built the controller, and Java to […]

Updated: 17/01/2021 — 13:18

KVM using the Openvswitch

Running KVM using the Openvswitch one way to attach VMs to the network. When using libvirt 1.02 and higher, several configuration options are available. The virt-manager can only use openvswitch fake bridges, so the virt-manager is not the best tool to configure the network interfaces for VM’s. There are two ways to define libvirt networks: […]

Updated: 09/11/2013 — 21:47

Openvswitch – Port Usage on Linux

In this post I show the basic commands for the openvswitch. You should have at least openvswitch 1.9 installed. This is the case, if you are running Ubuntu 13.04. Preparation In this blog, I show more than the basic commands. We use Linux network namespaces to show also the usage on the ip layer. The first […]

Updated: 23/09/2013 — 20:14

Switching Performance – Connecting Linux Network Namespaces

In a previous article I have shown several solutions to interconnect Linux network namespaces ( Four different solutions can be used – but which is the best solution with respect to performance and resource usage? This is quite interesting when you are running Openstack Networking Neutron together with the Openvswitch. The systems used to run these […]

Updated: 26/04/2014 — 15:25

Ubuntu – Change default settings

rcS After the installation of an Ubuntu system you should change the settings in /etc/defaut/rcS . Change the clock settings, if you are using UTC for the hardware clock, enable verbose logging during the boot process and enable the automatic check for fileystems if an error occures. # assume that the BIOS clock is set […]

Updated: 18/09/2013 — 14:28

Linux Switching – Interconnecting Namespaces

Switching in software on Linux is one of the important parts when using virtualization technologies like KVM or LXC. Typical hosts do not provide one or more physical adapters for each NIC of a virtual machine in KVM or per container when using LXC. Something else must take the part to interconnect the virtual network […]

Updated: 18/05/2014 — 10:56