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OpenStack Liberty Neutron Deployment (Part 2 Network Infrastructure)

The physical network A cloud needs an „physical“ network using real „switching routers“ to transport data between the physical nodes. The physical network has the following layout: Each floating pool is implemented using one vlan on the physical network infrastructure. Each flat network requires also one vlan on the physical network. VXLAN requires also one […]

Updated: 17/01/2021 — 14:48

OpenStack Liberty Neutron Deployment (Part 1 Overview)

The deployment of OpenStack is a complex task. The most important task at the beginning is to figure out what YOU (or the company you are working for) want to implement using OpenStack as a tool to provide infrastructure resources in a data center. Will the Openstack based cloud be used by your internal customers […]

Updated: 17/01/2021 — 13:17

Openstack Networking (Type driver vlan and Openvswitch)

The most challenging task, when starting to work with Openstack is the setup of the networking. There is the physical network infrastructure used by the hardware components of the cloud and the virtual network infrastructure used by the tenants of the cloud. The virtual network infrastructure must run/be mapped to the physical network infrastructure. When […]

Updated: 17/01/2021 — 13:17

Openstack Neutron: VXLAN and l2population

In a previous article I showed an analysis of the Openflow rules on the OVS bridge used for tunneling traffic between nodes. Openstack Neutron offers an option to populate MAC entries on br-tun. In order to use this option, the mechanism driver l2population has to be added to the file ml2_conf.ini . [ml2] type_drivers = […]

Updated: 17/01/2021 — 13:18

Switching Performance – Chaining OVS bridges

The Openvswitch installed on a Linux system provides the feature to configure multiple bridges. Multiple OVS bridges behave like independent local switches. This is the way OVS is providing switch virtualization. It is possible to chain multiple OVS bridges on one system. Chaining multiple bridges is used by Openstack neutron, when using the default networking […]

Updated: 17/01/2021 — 13:18

Openstack Neutron using VXLAN

The networking part of Openstack provides several models for the L2 networks to be used as L2 tenant broadcast domains. An overlay network can be used to separate the MAC addresses and „vlans“ of the tenant networks from the transport layer network. Openstack neutron in Havana supports two overlay network technologies, GRE and VXLAN. VXLAN […]

Updated: 17/01/2021 — 13:18